Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Benefits of Whey Protein

Although whey protein may have some limited side effects their benefits cannot be overlooked. In this post I'll try to explain some of the many benefits of whey protein.

  • Faster Healing: Proteins help in healing our wounds faster. Protein initiates the growth of new skin during the healing process. While healing wounds and abrasions the body needs increased amount of protein which can be provided by whey protein.
  • Helps your Diet: When eating protein your body does more work than usual to digest protein foods. Thus it consumes more energy during protein digestion. So just by eating a protein meal you burn more calories. Whey protein is 100% protein with no fat or carbohydrates. The same is true for whey protein alternatives as well.
  • Nutrition for Cancer Patients: Radiation treatment and chemotherapy causes loss of appetite due to which the patient cannot complete his or her daily nutritional requirement. The best alternative here would be whey protein which has high nutritional value and is also easy on the system. Recent studies have also shown that whey protein is rich in amino acid cysteine, which helps the immune system.
  • Whey Protein for Diabetics: Diabetes (type-2) is a major problem especially in the United States. Whey protein can help diabetic people maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Studies have shown that whey protein has a high biological value (BP) and is perfect for diabetics who want to control their food intake.
  • Physical Performance: Last but not least; physical performance. This is one of the main benefits of whey protein. Athletes have long considered whey protein and whey protein alternative to be the "legal" steroid. Proteins help build muscles and since whey is 100% protein it can really help an athlete or bodybuilder to improve their body composition and enhance athletic performance.


  1. Mixed nuts are a very popular snack food.  Most major dealers have even altered their methods of salting their food so that the health factor of their products improves.  They will, however, require one to be sure to exercise, because all nuts have a high fat content to match their protein levels. so whey protein isolate is an ideal supplement.

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