Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome to Whey Protein Alternative

Welcome to the whey protein blog. Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, a liquid material created as a byproduct of cheese production. Or in simple words whey protein is just a super saturated form of pure protein. Whey protein has a lot of benefits as well as some side effects.
You guys might have read that whey protein is a miracle medicine. Aside from helping you build muscles it will also help you cure cancer and get rid of your diabetic problems. Where as on the other hand you might also have read that whey protein has a lot of side effects and should not be taken.
I will try to clarify all of this in my future posts. I will also be discussing some alternatives that can be taken in place of whey protein. Hence the name of the blog; whey protein alternative :)


  1. protein is not produced naturally, it’s important that we stock up on protein sources that are crucial to have for our growth.  Protein can be found all around the world in different forms from your traditional sources like chicken, eggs, beef and pork, to non-traditional sources like whey protein isolate

  2. protein has not too much side fact it works as a energy booster formula for our health...!

  3. I always looking for this kind of post which help me to choose a right one product for my health.
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  4. Quick question? I've recently had a burst ulcer and wondered if I'm ok taking whey protein or should i stick to the alternatives? Thanks

  5. Whey protein has long been considered the gold standard of protein for serious athletes who work hard to develop and sustain a lean, strong and well-defined physique. It helps athletes maintain a healthy immune system by increasing the levels of glutathione in the body. Thanks a lot.

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  6. excellent post good job !!!!