Friday, December 18, 2009

Whey Protein Side Effects

Although whey is an excellent source of protein it is still important for us to understand all there is to it like what are the possible whey protein side effects. Whey protein is used by almost all bodybuilders and athletes and most trainers recommend whey protein to their athletes. That is why there is a lot of contradiction between various fitness experts regarding the adverse effects of whey protein. Almost every expert has a different opinion regarding whey protein side effects. It should also be known that there has never been a proper study or pre-clinical tests of the side effects of whey protein on humans. However some tests were performed on rodents. The tests showed that some side effects of whey protein do exist. But most of these were found in rodents and not in humans.
There have also been many theories regarding the side effects of whey protein. One theory states that whey inhibits glutathione peptide which inhibits the function to fight free radicals. Free radicals are notorious for their effects on aging through damaging cell membranes. However this theorey has never been proved.
However some side effects have been found to exist in humans. These are:
  • Whey protein is obtained from cow's milk which is rich in lactose. This can cause some alergic reactions along with some serious stomach disorders to people suffering from lactose intolerancy. However there is a way to avoid this side effect. Lactose intolerant people can consider using either whey protein alternative or they can use whey protein isolate. Whey protein alternative would be much better since it does not contain any lactose whereas whey protein isolate still consists of about 5% lactose.
  • It has been theorized that consuming whey protein for an extended period of time can cause kidney disorders. (This also has not been proved yet)
  • In some very rare cases excessive use of whey protein has been responsible for liver damage.

All of the above side effects can be avoided by taking a whey protein alternative.


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  2. The market is flooded with simply way too many options and to add to the woes, counterfeit supplements are not a rare find. Hence, you must always buy whey protein from a trustworthy store only.

  3. hi have any of your found a side effect from too much whey protein like bloated stomach lines? i have is it the lactose in the whey protein then that distorts the waistline for some?.


  4. Whey protein is used by athletes and body builders to help build lean muscle mass. While whey protein is beneficial to the body, there are also side effects that can occur with its use. Excessive use of whey protein increases the amounts of protein the liver must process, leading to liver damage. Thanks a lot.